LAC-Shield (heat-killed L. paracasei MCC1849)

Clinical Efficacy

Prevention of Common Cold and Mitigation of Symptoms

Clinical study with signification results

Prepared from Murata et al., 2018, Beneficial Microbes

Common cold is an infectious condition requiring the greatest attention in daily life for human beings constantly at a risk of being infected by pathogens. Consumption of LAC-Shield noting its action to enhance immunity was shown to suppress the onset of subjective symptom of common cold in individuals susceptible to common cold and to reduce the scores and durations of the symptoms that have developed.

Subjective symptoms in individuals susceptible to common cold lessened, and the number of symptomatic days and symptom scores decreased.


  1. 1Murata, M., Kondo, J., Iwabuchi, N., Takahashi, S., Yamauchi, K., Abe, F. and Miura, K., 2018. Effects of paraprobiotic Lactobacillus paracasei MCC1849 supplementation on symptoms of the common cold and mood states in healthy adults. Beneficial microbes, 9(6), pp.855-864.

Enhancement of the Effects of Influenza Vaccine

Clinical study with signification results

Comparison of influenza vaccine antibody production between elderly subjects (≥85 years) who consumed LAC-Shield and those who did not
Prepared from Maruyama et al., 2016, International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition

As individuals age, immunosenescence not only impairs the ability to fend off infections, which results in greater morbidity and mortality compared to younger adults, but also the capacity to respond to vaccination. Consumption of LAC-Shield significantly increased the antibody titers against all of types A/H1N1, A/H3N2, and B influenza antigens in elderly subjects aged 85 years or older after influenza vaccination as compared to those before vaccination.

Vaccination effect was enhanced in subjects with decreased immunity due to aging


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