Morinaga HRB Probiotics

HRB are Better Human Probiotics

Not All Bifidobacterium Species are the Same

Although bifidobacteria may have traits which are beneficial for human health, not all Bifidobacterium possess such traits. The results obtained from these studies introduced here indicate that the different residential features of bifidobacteria may be the results of adaptation to the diet and environment.

HRB are Ideal Probiotics for Human Health

Complementing the law of nature, the capabilities of HRB, especially infant-type HRB, to utilize various glycans available in the human gut as well as their compatibility with human breast milk have drawn attention to the possibility that infant-type HRB could be a better candidate as probiotics for human health.

Morinaga Milk will continue research on bifidobacteria for better understanding of the mechanisms of residential features and superiority of HRB species for the contribution to human health.

Signature Strains of Morinaga HRB

Morinaga Milk has developed a premium line of probiotic strains that are highly compatible with the human gut. The four main HRB probiotic strains are B. longum subsp. longum BB536, B. breve M-16V, B. longum subsp. infantis M-63, and B. breve B-3, all of which are from the gut of infants and possess a proven record of safety and clinical efficacy on human health.