Morinaga HRB Probiotics

B. breve B-3

B-3: Weight Management Probiotics

Bifidobacterium breve B-3 is an unique probiotic strain developed by focusing on the relationship between gut microbiota and metabolic syndrome. B-3 possesses an attractive effect in maintaining healthy body weight and ultimately improving one's lifestyle.

Key Features
Human-Residential Bifidobacterium
(Isolated from infant in 2002)
Evidence-Based Safety
(Genomic, toxicological, and clinical studies)
Scientifically Backed Probiotics
(Supported by scientific studies)
Quality Assured
(FSSC22000, HALAL, Kosher)

Health Benefits of B-3

Accumulating evidence suggests an association between gut microbiota and the development of obesity, raising the possibility of probiotics administration as a therapeutic approach. B-3 is an unique bifidobacterial strain that was selected for its potential in weight management.


Legislation can be varied by country when it comes to specific dosage and potential health claims of each strain.

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